Tour #20

Full-day excursion


The circles of Stonehenge - Located in the middle of the barren expanse of Salisbury Plain, with its horizontal lintel, it is unique among stone circles. The ancient Britons quarried, carved and lifted these massive stones, how it was constructed still defies belief. The first stone was placed here 5000 years ago and the monument was finally completed 1400 years later.

Bath's Georgian Crescents - We head on towards Bath, the countryside changing from the bleak and barren Salisbury Plain to the fertile and beautiful landscape of Wiltshire and Somerset. In Regency Bath which is a world heritage site, we find elegant stone buildings with their terraces, crescents and graceful squares spread before us. We visit the original Roman Baths and the Georgian Pump Room where the natural mineral water attracted all fashionable society from far and wide. There is time to explore the Pulteney Bridge standing astride the River Avon, topped by shops and buildings or see Bath Abbey.

Stay overnight in Bath travelling back with the next day's tour.

This tour returns to London at approximately 06:45pm subject to traffic conditions.


Tour #20 is available every day all year long.




 $94.00 per adult

$70.00 per child

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