Tour #37P/37PX

Full-day excursion to Paris from London

Fully-escorted Day Trip to Paris via Eurostar

This fully-escorted tour to Paris has proved tremendously popular. There is simply no better way of visiting Paris in a leisurely day out from London.

Departing Waterloo International with your guide aboard Eurostar for the three hour rail journey to Paris, passing en route through the 31 mile long Channel Tunnel. The train will travel at speeds of up to 186 mph. On arrival in Paris you will enjoy a fully guided panoramic tour of the city seeing the Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and much more. In the afternoon you will be free to shop and explore independently or with your English guide.

The escorted return to London will be via an early evening Eurostar service.

"Bon voyage".... and don't forget your Passport & Visa if required.


Tour 37P: Standard Class on Eurostar

Tour 37PX : First Class on Eurostar


Prices IN 2004:


 $275.00 per adult

$238.00 per child (under 12 years old)


 $345.00 per adult

$299.00 per child  (under 12 years old)

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This tour is available every day from March to November and every day except Sundays from December to February.



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